Paragons Preview: Chapter 4

A three-page preview of Chapter 4 of Paragons featuring the Paranormal Regulatory Agency.
» Paragons Preview (PRA) [854.9K PDF]

Paragons Series Worksheet

Since Paragons requires some decision-making to set up the series you want to run, we’ve provided this handy one-page worksheet as a checklist for the things you’ll want to consider, including the use of optional rules systems in the Paragons setting sourcebook.
» Paragons Series Worksheet [311.1K PDF]

A More Perfect Union Preview: Creation

A two-page PDF featuring some of the character creation guidelines from the Paragons adventure A More Perfect Union.
» A More Perfect Union Paragon Creation Preview [76 KB PDF]

A More Perfect Union Preview: Characters

A two-page PDF featuring two of the pre-generated player characters for the Paragons adventure A More Perfect Union.
» A More Perfect Union Character Preview [236 KB PDF]

Instant Superheroes Preview: Android

Instant Superheroes includes 36 different character archetypes, along with 77 variants of those, for more M&M archetype goodness than you can shake your prehensile tail at. This free PDF preview includes the writeup for the Android, its Golem and Robot variants, and suggestions for further customization.
» Instant Superheroes Preview [502 KB PDF]

Doom Room Map & Action Tokens

The M&M Beginner’s Guide includes a color map of the Doom Room, along with color action tokens designed for use with the map and the Beginner’s Guide to quickly learn how to play Mutants & Masterminds. We don’t really want you to have to cut up your book if you have the print version, so here’s a handy PDF of the Doom Room map and action tokens for your printing and cutting pleasure.
» M&M Beginner’s Guide Doom Room Map & Action Tokens [1.0 MB PDF]

M&M Beginner’s Guide Preview

Get your first look at the M&M Beginner�s Guide right here by downloading the first three pages, including the introduction of Nathan Collins, the newest student at Freedom City�s Claremont Academy. What powers and adventures await him? Find out and play them yourself in the M&M Beginner�s Guide!
» M&M Beginner’s Guide Preview [2.7 MB ZIPed PDF]

Toys Will Be Toys

Toys Will Be Toys is a Mutants & Masterminds holiday adventure: the heroes confront the schemes of the infamous Toy Boy, but it seems an old “playmate” of his has also returned to Freedom City looking for some fun. Can our heroes handle not one, but two terrible toymeisters?
» Toys Will Be Toys [3.5MB ZIP PDF]