Live In Infamy

Live In Infamy is an adventure from the Golden Age sourcebook, introducing heroes to the genre and period, plus it has a Nazi super-ape piloting a giant robot! What more could you ask?
» Live In Infamy [1.9MB PDF]

Hero Hooks

Hero Hooks is a collection of adventure ideas and springboards for superhero adventures, created by Kevin Perrine and the Atomic Think Tank community.
» Hero Hooks, Vol. 1 [6.6MB ZIPped PDF]

Seed of Destruction

Seed of Destruction is a free Mutants & Masterminds adventure by Steve Kenson. The plant kingdom is in revolt against Freedom City and its people. The Green Man and his Brides are behind it, but what’s behind the sudden increase in the Green Man’s power?
» Seed of Destruction [58KB PDF]

Con Season

Con Season is a free Mutants & Masterminds adventure by D.T. Butchino. When the fans of Castle Comics convene for the popular CastleCon in Freedom City, they�re in store for more than the average guest, as Doc Otaku decides to crash the con! Now it�s up to the heroes to stop him and his mad plan, but what exactly is the anime-inspired mastermind up to?
» Con Season [45KB PDF]

The Fight for Freedom City

The Fight for Freedom City is a free Mutants & Masterminds adventure by K.G. Carlson, originally written for the Origins 2007 convention. The Crime League is ready to make their move for control of Freedom City, but all is not as it seems and several prominent members of the Crime League are conspicuous in their absence� will the Freedom League figure out their nefarious plan in time?
» The Fight for Freedom City [71KB PDF]

Leaping Spreadsheet

From SSgt. Timothy Schuster comes this Excel spreadsheet for quickly calculating leaping distances and speeds for M&M characters, including ones with high Strength and Leaping power ranks.
» M&M Leaping Spreadsheet [42.5 KB Excel spreadsheet]

Freedom City Map

A downloadable version of the complete map of Freedom City by Phillip Lienau from the Freedom City Second Edition sourcebook. Know your way around Freedom!
» Freedom City Map [5.9 MB JPEG]

Freedom City, Second Edition Errata

Mistakes happen, and thanks to the Internet, we can expose them for all to see. Complete with corrections! (Updated February 1, 2007)
» Freedom City Errata, Second Edition [31.2KB PDF]

Paragons Index

The three-page index from Paragons.
» Paragons Index [384K PDF]