Revised Hero Archetypes

This seven-page, four-color, official Mutants & Masterminds update showcases all 12 of the game’s character archetypes, revised to conform to official errata.
» Mutants & Masterminds Revised Hero Archetypes

Updated Character Sheet

We have updated the Mutants & Masterminds Character Sheet! The Character Sheet now has three pages, including one just for Super-Powers and Devices. Oh–and we fixed a few things based on your requests!
» Updated Mutants & Masterminds Character Sheet

Character Standees

What do you get when you combine some extra pages in an RPG book with the finest minds in game and graphic design? Full Color 3D Character Counters!
» Mutants & Masterminds Character Standees PDF [2.4Mb]

Designer Spotlight: Steve Kenson

We’re so excited about Mutants & Masterminds that we can’t stop bugging Steve Kenson about it. Here’s what he had to say about the game when we interviewed him.
» Mutants & Masterminds Designer Spotlight: Steve Kenson

Web Preview #2

This four-page, four-color PDF preview of our OGL Superheroes RPG was the hottest brochure in the convention bags at GenCon 2002. Download the file now to learn more about combat in Mutants & Masterminds.
» Mutants & Masterminds Web Preview #2

Freedom City Cover

Check out this cover image!
» Expand the Freedom City Cover

Web Preview #1

Find out a little bit about the roleplaying game creation process, and check out Inferno and The Pugilist, two playtest characters created by Steve Kenson, with art by Sam Wood for inspiration.
» Mutants & Masterminds Web Preview #1