Paragons Index

The three-page index from Paragons.
» Paragons Index [384K PDF]

Paragons Preview: Chapter 4

A three-page preview of Chapter 4 of Paragons featuring the Paranormal Regulatory Agency.
» Paragons Preview (PRA) [854.9K PDF]

Paragons Series Worksheet

Since Paragons requires some decision-making to set up the series you want to run, we’ve provided this handy one-page worksheet as a checklist for the things you’ll want to consider, including the use of optional rules systems in the Paragons setting sourcebook.
» Paragons Series Worksheet [311.1K PDF]

A More Perfect Union Preview: Creation

A two-page PDF featuring some of the character creation guidelines from the Paragons adventure A More Perfect Union.
» A More Perfect Union Paragon Creation Preview [76 KB PDF]

A More Perfect Union Preview: Characters

A two-page PDF featuring two of the pre-generated player characters for the Paragons adventure A More Perfect Union.
» A More Perfect Union Character Preview [236 KB PDF]

Instant Superheroes Preview: Android

Instant Superheroes includes 36 different character archetypes, along with 77 variants of those, for more M&M archetype goodness than you can shake your prehensile tail at. This free PDF preview includes the writeup for the Android, its Golem and Robot variants, and suggestions for further customization.
» Instant Superheroes Preview [502 KB PDF]

Doom Room Map & Action Tokens

The M&M Beginner’s Guide includes a color map of the Doom Room, along with color action tokens designed for use with the map and the Beginner’s Guide to quickly learn how to play Mutants & Masterminds. We don’t really want you to have to cut up your book if you have the print version, so here’s a handy PDF of the Doom Room map and action tokens for your printing and cutting pleasure.
» M&M Beginner’s Guide Doom Room Map & Action Tokens [1.0 MB PDF]

M&M Beginner’s Guide Preview

Get your first look at the M&M Beginner�s Guide right here by downloading the first three pages, including the introduction of Nathan Collins, the newest student at Freedom City�s Claremont Academy. What powers and adventures await him? Find out and play them yourself in the M&M Beginner�s Guide!
» M&M Beginner’s Guide Preview [2.7 MB ZIPed PDF]