Jumped-Up Dabbler Archetype

A preview of the Jumped-Up Dabbler villain archetype (power level 12) from the Book of Magic.
» Jumped-Up Dabbler Archetype [1 MB PDF]

Book of Magic – Table of Contents

Get a sneak peek inside the arcane secrets of the Book of Magic and see what it has in store with this look at the Table of Contents.
» Book of Magic Table of Contents [409 KB PDF]

M&M Annual #2 � Intro and Table of Contents

Get a sneak peek inside the Limited Edition M&M Annual #2 and see what it has in store with this look at the Table of Contents and the Introduction talking about how the book came to be.
» M&M Annual #2 Preview [422 KB ZIPped PDF]

Blank Action Cards

The companion to the M&M Action Cards by ATT member Silverback, these blank Action Card templates allow you to fill-in and create your own customized Action Cards for your game.
» Blank Action Cards [72.1KB ZIPped PDF]

M&M Action Cards

From Atomic Think Tank member Silverback comes M&M Action Cards! This handy reference gives you all the common actions characters can take it the game and the type of action they require, along with page references to the relevant rules.
» M&M Action Cards [4.1MB ZIPped PDF]

Leaping Spreadsheet

From SSgt. Timothy Schuster comes this Excel spreadsheet for quickly calculating leaping distances and speeds for M&M characters, including ones with high Strength and Leaping power ranks.
» M&M Leaping Spreadsheet [42.5 KB Excel spreadsheet]

Freedom City Map

A downloadable version of the complete map of Freedom City by Phillip Lienau from the Freedom City Second Edition sourcebook. Know your way around Freedom!
» Freedom City Map [5.9 MB JPEG]

Freedom City, Second Edition Errata

Mistakes happen, and thanks to the Internet, we can expose them for all to see. Complete with corrections! (Updated February 1, 2007)
» Freedom City Errata, Second Edition [31.2KB PDF]

Paragons Table of Contents

The table of contents page from Paragons.
» Paragons Table of Contents [314.5K PDF]