Mastermind’s Manual Optional Rules Checklist

Gamemasters can use this checklist as a quick-reference to the optional and variant rules in the Mastermind’s Manual, and to show players which options and variants are in-use in their Mutants & Masterminds game. Feel free to print out and photocopy this threepage PDF for ease of use.
» Mastermind’s Manual Optional Rules Checklist [285KB PDF]

Design Journal: Feats

This Super-Vision article takes a look at the “Powers as Feats” alternate rule from Mastermind’s Manual.
» Mastermind’s Manual Design Journal: Feats

Design Journal: Abilities

This Mastermind’s Manual design journal by Steve Kenson looks at three optional rules for abilities in Mutants & Masterminds, Shorthand Abilities, Mandatory Super-Strength, and Super-Abilities.
» Mastermind’s Manual Design Journal: Abilities

Design Journal: The Power is Yours!

This design journal by Steve Kenson provides an alternate method of managing Hero Points, using playing cards.
» Mastermind’s Manual Design Journal: The Power is Yours!