PDF Preview: Shards Setting

In the final Mecha & Manga preview, we take a look at the Shards: Unsung Destiny setting from the sourcebook.

PDF Preview: Chapter 3

A section of the mecha information found in Chapter 3 of Mecha & Manga.

PDF Preview: Chapter 2

A look at the new feats available in Chapter 2 of Mecha & Manga.

PDF Preview: Fomorians

This PDF preview from the pages of Freedom’s Most Wanted takes a look at a race of mythic monsters born of science and sorcery, banished to an ancient netherworld, where they await the opportunity to return to the world. Can your heroes thwart the schemes of the Fomorians?
» Freedom’s Most Wanted PDF Preview: The Fomorians [214 KB PDF]

PDF Preview: The World of Wild Cards

This PDF preview straight from the pages of Wild Cards shows you a bit of the setting. Read about various locations in Manhattan, including The Cosmic Pumpkin Head Shop and Organic Deli, The Famous Bowery Wild Card Dime Museum, and St. Dympna’s Home for the Mentally Deficient and Criminally Insane.
» Wild Cards PDF Preview: The World of Wild Cards [224 KB PDF]

M&M Condition Cards

From Atomic Think Tank member John Clark comes M&M Condition Cards! These handy cards give you all the common conditions characters can have during the game for quick and easy reference.
» M&M Condition Cards [337.8KB PDF]

Master Powers Table

The Master Powers Table from Appendix II of Ultimate Power.
» Master Powers Table [276.5KB PDF]

Ultimate Power Errata

Mistakes happen, and thanks to the Internet, we can expose them for all to see. Complete with corrections! (Updated May 27, 2007)
» Ultimate Power Errata [35.5KB PDF]