Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine is an adventure from the Iron Age sourcebook, featuring drug deals and mercenary super-criminals. Do your heroes have what it takes to clean up the streets?
» Bad Medicine [601KB PDF]

Live In Infamy

Live In Infamy is an adventure from the Golden Age sourcebook, introducing heroes to the genre and period, plus it has a Nazi super-ape piloting a giant robot! What more could you ask?
» Live In Infamy [1.9MB PDF]

Hero Hooks

Hero Hooks is a collection of adventure ideas and springboards for superhero adventures, created by Kevin Perrine and the Atomic Think Tank community.
» Hero Hooks, Vol. 1 [6.6MB ZIPped PDF]

Seed of Destruction

Seed of Destruction is a free Mutants & Masterminds adventure by Steve Kenson. The plant kingdom is in revolt against Freedom City and its people. The Green Man and his Brides are behind it, but what’s behind the sudden increase in the Green Man’s power?
» Seed of Destruction [58KB PDF]

Con Season

Con Season is a free Mutants & Masterminds adventure by D.T. Butchino. When the fans of Castle Comics convene for the popular CastleCon in Freedom City, they�re in store for more than the average guest, as Doc Otaku decides to crash the con! Now it�s up to the heroes to stop him and his mad plan, but what exactly is the anime-inspired mastermind up to?
» Con Season [45KB PDF]

The Fight for Freedom City

The Fight for Freedom City is a free Mutants & Masterminds adventure by K.G. Carlson, originally written for the Origins 2007 convention. The Crime League is ready to make their move for control of Freedom City, but all is not as it seems and several prominent members of the Crime League are conspicuous in their absence� will the Freedom League figure out their nefarious plan in time?
» The Fight for Freedom City [71KB PDF]

Toys Will Be Toys

Toys Will Be Toys is a Mutants & Masterminds holiday adventure: the heroes confront the schemes of the infamous Toy Boy, but it seems an old “playmate” of his has also returned to Freedom City looking for some fun. Can our heroes handle not one, but two terrible toymeisters?
» Toys Will Be Toys [3.5MB ZIP PDF]

The Proteus Plot

The Proteus Plot is a Mutants & Masterminds adventure run at Origins 2006. When the heroes of Freedom City confront agents of the Foundry, strange dreams trouble their sleep. Are they omens of a more sinister plot and, if so, what is Talos’ latest scheme?
» The Proteus Plot [56KB PDF]

Halloween Hijinks

Halloween Hijinks is a collection of three short and spooky M&M mini-adventures by D.T. Butchino, intended for a group of four to six power level 10 heroes.
» Halloween Hijinks [50KB PDF]

Charge of the Freedom Brigade

Charge of the Freedom Brigade, a Mutants & Masterminds adventure by Christopher McGlothlin, is designed for six to eight Golden Age heroes in the power level 8 to 10 range.
This adventure is set in Freedom City at the start of America�s involvement in World War II (described in the Golden Age sourcebook). It can, however, be used in the seaboard campaign city of the Gamemaster�s choice simply by changing the proper names.
Although the Golden Age and Freedom City sourcebooks are recommended for running this adventure and capturing the feel of the era, they are not required. The adventure contains everything you need to run it using just the Mutants & Masterminds rulebook.
» Golden Age Web Enhancement: Freedom Brigade [265KB PDF]