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Mutants & Masterminds was recently placed at #2 in the Top 5 Superhero RPGs in the Roleplaying Games section of About.com.

Top Five Superhero RPGs

Also, recently on GamingReport.com M&M received an honored post at #3 of the Gaming Top 10 list for Super-Hero Based RPGs.

GamingReport.com Top 10 Super-Hero Based RPGs

Not a bad reception for one of the new kids–we’re honored to be included in both lists!

Revised Villain Archetypes PDF!

You’ve begged, you’ve whined (well, not you–but that M&M fan over there did), you’ve cajoled, and finally we’re givin’ up the goods.

Visit Gimmick’s Gadgets to download the Updated Villain Archetypes PDF

Interview with Dan Brereton

Today we have an interview with Dan Brereton, Nocturnals: A Midnight Companion artist and co-author. Read along as Dan talks about the Nocturnals and the orgins of the name Brereton, and answers the ever-burning question, “Just how crazy is Rob Zombie?”.
The interview was conducted by TS Luikart, Skull & Bones designer and Nocturnals fan.

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