Crooks! PDF Preview #2!

Spasm is a butt-kicking mutant freakazoid, and you’d best hope those giving missions to this raw nerve of rage don’t point him at you. "Time to lay on the hurt!"

Download Crooks! PDF Preview #2, Spasm!

M&M Superlink FAQ and Usage Guide Updated

We’ve been getting lots of M&M Superlink queries, and some more good questions have been cropping up. We have freshly updated the M&M Superlink FAQ and Usage Guide, so prospective M&M Superlink publishers should check it out right away!

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Crooks! PDF Preview!

Iron Cross. He’s lean, he’s mean, he’s a Nazi Übermensch Overlord fighting machine, and you can find out all about this villain in the Crooks! PDF Preview, available for downloading now in Gimmick’s Gadgets.

Download Crooks! PDF Preview #1, Iron Cross

Freedom City Mini-Adventure

Today we’ve got a special treat for you Mutants & Masterminds GMs–a Freedom City Mini-Adventure by Steve Kenson, called The Heist!

Visit Gimmick’s Gadgets to download The Heist

Hulk Smash!

The June issue of Game Trade Magazine [had] a special feature on everyone’s favorite big green guy, the Hulk, in honor of the impending Ang Lee film. A PDF of the article [used to be available] here and it [had] game stats for the Hulk in four flavors: Mutants & Masterminds (done by M&M’s own Steve Kenson), Champions, SAS, and Marvel’s new RPG.

Two New Time of Crisis Reviews

We’ve received some lovely reviews of Time of Crisis, the first Mutants & Masterminds adventure.

Time of Crisis Review on

Time of Crisis Review on

Mutants & Masterminds: Game of the Month on!

We don’t speak French, and Google didn’t do the best job of translating the site, but Mutants & Masterminds has been picked as Game of the Month on the French roleplaying site, Sweet!

Last Chance to Vote in the Origins Awards!

The Final Round of voting in the Origins Awards ends June 1, so if you haven’t yet voted for your favorite new superhero RPG, now’s the time!

Mutants & Masterminds is nominated for three awards:
• Best Role-Playing Game
• Best Graphic Representation of a Book Product
• Game of the Year

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M&M Minions

In case you haven’t noticed on the big gaming news sites, or on, or in the Mutants & Masterminds forum…
Green Ronin Publishing is looking for dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers to join our official Green Ronin game support and demo teams!

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Mutant Art

We’ve just launched a new feature on an art gallery for fan-generated art! The gallery is designed just for Mutants & Masterminds fans to show off their handiwork, whether it be drawing, painting, 3-D character rendering, Micro-Heroes, miniature conversions, or whatever else you all come up with. We’ve been amazed at how creative M&M’s fans are, and we wanted to help you show off your talents. Hope you like it!

Mutant Art