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Mutants & Masterminds, Freedom City Win ENnies!

Last night we attended the Gen Con EN World d20 System Awards ceremony, and we’re happy to note that we did really well! Among our 8 awards, Mutants & Masterminds won an ENnies Peer Award and a gold award for Best d20 Game; and Freedom City won silver awards for Best Campaign Setting, Best Art […]

Gunwitch Nocturnals Promo Miniature

100 fans at GenCon Indy 2003 (July 24–July 27, Indianapolis, IN) and 100 fans at Dragon*Con 2003 (August 29–September 1, Atlanta, GA) will be able to get a limited-edition promotional miniature of the Gunwitch from Dan Brereton’s Nocturnals. You can get your hands on one of these minis by being one of the first 100 […]

Voting Now Open in the 2003 ENnie Awards

Mutants & Masterminds is nominated for Best d20 Game, and Freedom City is nominated for Best Campaign Setting, Best Graphic Design & Layout, and Best Art (Interior) in this year’s Gen Con EN World d20 System Awards (aka "The ENnies"). And that’s not to mention the eight other nominations that we at Green Ronin Publishing […]

Crooks! PDF Preview #2!

Spasm is a butt-kicking mutant freakazoid, and you’d best hope those giving missions to this raw nerve of rage don’t point him at you. "Time to lay on the hurt!" Download Crooks! PDF Preview #2, Spasm!

M&M Superlink FAQ and Usage Guide Updated

We’ve been getting lots of M&M Superlink queries, and some more good questions have been cropping up. We have freshly updated the M&M Superlink FAQ and Usage Guide, so prospective M&M Superlink publishers should check it out right away! Read the Updated M&M Superlink FAQ and Usage Guide

Crooks! PDF Preview!

Iron Cross. He’s lean, he’s mean, he’s a Nazi Übermensch Overlord fighting machine, and you can find out all about this villain in the Crooks! PDF Preview, available for downloading now in Gimmick’s Gadgets. Download Crooks! PDF Preview #1, Iron Cross

Freedom City Mini-Adventure

Today we’ve got a special treat for you Mutants & Masterminds GMs–a Freedom City Mini-Adventure by Steve Kenson, called The Heist! Visit Gimmick’s Gadgets to download The Heist

Hulk Smash!

The June issue of Game Trade Magazine [had] a special feature on everyone’s favorite big green guy, the Hulk, in honor of the impending Ang Lee film. A PDF of the article [used to be available] here and it [had] game stats for the Hulk in four flavors: Mutants & Masterminds (done by M&M’s own […]

Two New Time of Crisis Reviews

We’ve received some lovely reviews of Time of Crisis, the first Mutants & Masterminds adventure. Time of Crisis Review on GamingReport.com Time of Crisis Review on d20zines.com