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It’s Green Lantern, Jack

Vigilance Press Podcast has DC freelancer Jack Norris and artists extraordinaire James Dawsey and Dan Houser join them for a game of DC Adventures to see how it plays (and Jack gets to play Green Lantern). Check it out!

Vigilance Interviews Steve Kenson

The guys over at the Vigilance Podcast have Green Ronin designer Steve Kenson on for their post-GenCon wrap-up episode, and he talks about DC Adventures and upcoming products, along with the design of some DC characters.

Steve Kenson on Zero Fortitude

No, not the Defense in Mutants & Masterminds, the podcast! M&M designer Steve Kenson spoke to the Zero Fortitude podcast at GenCon, and the results are now available. Steve’s interview starts around the 42-minute mark, but catch the whole GenCon podcast!

DC Adventures Design Journal #6

A Knight in Gotham In one of our recent Design Journals, we looked at a full DC Adventures character. This week, we take a look at characters in action, with the Dark Knight Detective himself, Batman! The middle of the night in the industrial district of Gotham City. Shadowy figures load a truck backed into […]

DC Adventures Design Journal #5

The Game System Top 10 With the appearance of a full hero write-up for Green Lantern last week, everyone is abuzz about what to expect from the game system of DC Adventures.  Here’s a list of the top ten modifications and updates to the Mutants & Masterminds game rules you’ll see: 1. Abilities Rather than […]

DC ADVENTURES Design Journal #4

“In Brightest Day…” Last week, we revealed which DC heroes and villains will be detailed in the DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook. This week, we take a look at a complete character sheet for one of those heroes, the Emerald Gladiator, the Green Lantern! Green Lantern                            PL14 Abilities Strength 2 Fighting 5 Stamina 2 Intellect 1 Agility […]

DC ADVENTURES Design Journal #3

Making the Grade One of the things we knew the DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook would include was a selection of DC characters, both heroes and villains, to get players started and to provide gamemasters with some resources and examples. The big question was: which heroes and villains? It was a process of putting together a […]

DC ADVENTURES Design Journal #2

DC ADVENTURES Design Journal #2 The New Issue Number One One of the goals with DC ADVENTURES was to present it as a complete RPG; DC wanted "a game" not a sourcebook for an existing game. On the other hand, it was the strength of the Mutants & Masterminds system and the production values of […]