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Vigilance Podcast Interviews Steve Kenson

On the latest Vigilance podcast, host James Dawsey interviews Mutants & Masterminds and Green Ronin designer Steve Kenson about upcoming plans for the M&M line and the latest release for the game: the M&M Gamemaster’s Guide. Check out the latest episode to hear all about it!

Steve Kenson: Threat or Menace?

Green Ronin’s own Steve Kenson is interviewed on the Threat or Menace podcast, talking about subjects from old-time RPGs to crowd-sourcing as a game design and development resource. Click on over to check it out!

Steve Kenson on D6Generation

The guys over at D6Generation (“Dice Are Our Vice”) had Steve Kenson on the latest episode of their podcast to talk about Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition, DC Adventures, and superhero RPGs. Check it out!

DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook Errata

This errata document reflects all the updates to the first printing of the DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook to bring it in line with the Mutants & Masterminds Hero’s Handbook. These errata are incorporated into the updated PDF edition of the DC book and will be included in future printings. » DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook Errata [9-page, […]

Threat Report Preview

As the MUTANTS & MASTERMINDS Hero’s Handbook flies off to print, we leave the heroes aside for a bit and focus on the bad guys! Next week sees the launch of Green Ronin’s new Threat Report series of electronic products. Each Wednesday will see the release of an all-new super-villain suitable for use in your […]

M&M Hero’s Handbook PDF Preview

As a little Boxing Day gift, here’s a sneak-peek inside the Mutants & Masterminds Hero’s Handbook, namely the start of the Powers chapter and an example of play from the Action & Adventure chapter. Enjoy and keep checking right here for M&M news before the New Year! M&M Hero’s Handbook Preview [473KB PDF]

DC Hero Creation on Vigilance Podcast

The guys at Vigilance Press Podcast do hero creation for DC Adventures. Guest James Dawsey serves as the GM. Additional guests artist Dan Houser and Green Ronin freelancer Jack Norris are on hand as players. Check it out!