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Ronin Round Table: I Can Haz Moar Icons?

By the time you read this Ronin Round Table, the "Assembled Edition" of Icons should be available for pre-order on the Green Ronin online store [Editor’s Note: It is!], after a long process of design, playtesting, art direction, layout, and production. I’m sure one of the very next questions, before the book even hits the […]

Ronin Round Table: Back Issues

The Freedom City sourcebook for the second edition of Mutants & Masterminds was published in 2006. In the eight years since, Green Ronin has published numerous books and files expanding upon the world we’ve come to call Earth-Prime, and that process is ongoing, with the creation of Freedom’s "sister city," Emerald City, on the West […]

Mutants & Masterminds Power Profile: Element Powers

Element Powers looks at the powers of the elements. Not earth, air, fire, and water, but argon, copper, radium, chlorine, mercury, hydrogen, and more. From taking on an element’s power to transmuting the elements at will, the unleashed abilities of the periodic table are yours to command! Mutants & Masterminds Power Profile: Element Powers

Steve Kenson at CoastCon This Weekend

So if you’re in the Gulfport/Biloxi area, Green Ronin’s own Steve Kenson will be Gaming Guest of Honor this weekend at CoastCon at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. Steve will be running games of Mutants & Masterminds, Dragon Age, and A Song of Ice & Fire, as well as giving seminars and sitting in on panels. […]


No, we didn’t just randomly hit the keyboard to make that headline… Artist Darren “DMAC” Calvert recently talked to Mike Lafferty of the BAMF! Podcast about his experience working on art for the new Mutants & Masterminds Gamemaster’s Guide, comic books, and working as an artist. Check it out! BAMF!

Vote in the Oggies!

The deadline to vote in the OGRE Awards (the “Oggies”) is fast approaching. Mutants & Masterminds is nominated in Game of the Year and New Game/Expansion of the Year (for third edition) and Green Ronin is nominated in Company of the Year. So what are you waiting for? Head on over and make your vote […]

Jon and Steve talk DC and M&M on BAMF!

Mike Lafferty over at BAMF! podcast interviews Jon Leitheusser and Steve Kenson about upcoming Mutants & Masterminds and DC Adventures plans as well as recent comic books and superhero RPG design. Dan Taylor of Hero Happy Hour co-hosts!