M&M Podcast Game

Looking to get a super-heroic gaming fix? Check out the latest Vigilance Press Podcasts!
James Dawsey has started a series featuring his new M&M setting Beacon City. The first two episodes feature the four players working up ideas for their characters and hashing out ideas with James. The characters are great and the discussion is a lot of fun to listen to. Check them out here:
Tempest and Jade Witch generation session.
The Lamplighter and Starchild generation session.
You can also see the character write-ups here on the Atomic Think Tank.
Then, give a listen to their first adventure, in which James deftly manages to get all the characters together and starts things off with a bang!
Give it a listen here!
M&M Developer Jon Leitheusser has listened to all of them and he says they’re a lot of fun!