Vigilance Press Podcast: Random Character Generation

All of the books and supplements created for DC Adventures work equally well with the new Mutants & Masterminds game, and vice versa. Coming soon, Green Ronin will release a GM Kit, which includes a screen with useful charts for the GM, beautiful artwork on the other side, and a booklet that contains a “Quickstart Character Generator.” That last thing should be particularly useful to new DC Adventures players because with only a few d20 rolls you can create a new character!
Mike Lafferty and James Dawsey of Vigilance Press were joined by freelancer Jack Norris to test out the Quickstart Character Generator included in the GM Kit. The results were three playable and interesting characters — all created in less than an hour. They also do a great job of explaining how the tables can be used to create 20 different archetypes, each with tons of variation!