DC Adventures in the New Year

The DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook has been out for a while now and we’re at work on DC Adventures: Heroes & Villains, Volume I. The holidays slowed things down, which was expected, but then we were surprised by a long and bad illness by the people actually supplying us with the art from the DC archives. 
As of last week, we have about two-thirds of the art — much of which was suggested by the fans over on our DC Adventures forum — with more on the way this week. The book is being layed out, looks good, and we’ll have updates and previews coming as soon as we can!
In January, we released the errata for the DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook and also posted an updated PDF to the Green Ronin store. If you purchased the book from Green Ronin and haven’t downloaded the newest version, head to your account page in the store and you should be able to get the revised file!
In the coming weeks, we’ll have some more design journals written by contributors to the Heroes & Villains volumes. They’ll feature some thoughts by the designers on challenges they faced while designing characters as well as character write-ups!
As for the other books in the DC Adventures line, Heroes & Villains Volume II is in development now, so we’re going to start collecting art for that soon! And the writers are wrapping up their work on DC Adventures: Universe this week!