DC Design Journal #7

With DC ADVENTURES now available, we wanted to show off some of the characters from DC ADVENTURES: Heroes & Villains, Volume I. That book is a few months off, but it provides us with a good opportunity to show off how the writers of those books used DC ADVENTURES to design the characters appearing in those books. This is the first of a series of design journals by some of the writers who contributed to the Heroes & Villains books!
Check out the design journal here!

Jon Leitheusser spent several years as the developer for the Mutants & Masterminds game. He started gaming at the age of 12, has worked in the industry at a game and comic store, two distribution companies, as a publisher (where he originally published the Dork Tower comic book), as a game designer for HeroClix, as a freelancer, and then for Green Ronin. He's originally from Burlington, Wisconsin and now lives in Washington State.