New M&M Developer

After several years at Green Ronin Publishing as developer of game lines such as True20, A Song of Ice & Fire Roleplaying, and particularly Mutants & Masterminds, Steve Kenson will be moving to the position of staff designer with Green Ronin.
�I really felt it was time,� Steve says. �Development was a great opportunity and I learned a lot from the experience, but my real passion lies in designing games and writing, so I�m looking forward to returning to that on a full-time basis. I�m really excited about our plans for the future and the projects that I�ll be working on in the coming year.�
Succeeding Steve as Mutants & Masterminds Developer is Jon Leitheusser, who has been associated with the M&M line for years. Jon co-wrote the Iron Age sourcebook and has edited many key M&M books, including the Second Edition rulebook, Freedom City, and Ultimate Power.
�I�m really looking forward to spending a lot more time with Mutants & Masterminds,� Jon says. �I�ve enjoyed working on the line in the past and I�m excited to be more involved with the game and with Green Ronin. Steve and I talk regularly about what books we want to produce and the schedule looks great. I think players will be pleased.�
Jon takes over M&M development with the 2009 production schedule. Development for True20 and A Song of Ice & Fire Roleplaying products planned for 2009 will shift to freelance developers working closely with Green Ronin.