The Gift of Adventure

To wish everyone a fun and happy holiday season, we’ve got some new items over in Gimmick’s Gadgets. Click over and take a look at the new Mutants & Masterminds Adventures section, where we’ve collected all the free adventure content available for the game, including a few new items!
Hero Hooks from Kevin Perrine and the Atomic Think Tank community is a full-color PDF collection of adventure ideas and characters for your games.
Bad Medicine is a complete adventure from the Iron Age sourcebook, now available in print and PDF, usable for either the Iron Age of Freedom City or the present day.
The Fight for Freedom City is an adventure from K.G. Carlson, featuring a new plot by the sinister Crime League.
Live In Infamy from the Golden Age sourcebook is a complete adventure suitable for Golden Age heroes or as a time-travel story for modern characters.
Plus, you can still get other free adventures, including the holiday classic Crisis On Christmas, where your heroes can save the season and Santa himself!
From all of us here at Green Ronin Publishing, play some games, enjoy the company of family and friends, and have a safe, happy, and joyous holiday season! We’ll see you in the New Year!