Street-Level Archetypes

Street-Level ArchetypesThe latest Mutants & Masterminds creation by Ronin Arts is now available for purchase and download from our Green Ronin Online Store. Street-Level Archetypes is just the thing for quick-starting a PL 6 campaign, or adding a dose of pre-generated lower-level NPCs to a higher-level campaign.
The archetypes inside are:
* Burnt-Out Hero�on the path to redemption.
* Pacifist Monk�an island of tranquility in a sea of violence.
* Physical Specimen�the only real hero.
* Private Detective�on the case.
* Psychic Investigator�possessing a great but unpredictable gift.
* Street Fighter�the baddest dude on the block.
* Swashbuckler�driving the blade of justice into the hearts of criminals.
* Tinker�fixing it even if it doesn�t need it.
* Vigilante�driven by vengeance.
* Wandering Mystic�adventuresome magic user.
Street-Level Archetypes