Green Ronin GenCon Satchel Drawing Winners Announced

At GenCon Indy this year we held a drawing for four different Green Ronin Gamer’s Satchels filled with four different flavors of gaming goodies. And the winners are…

Winner, Michael Simon of Indianapolis: the D20 Fantasy-loaded Satchel with Bow & Blade, Corwyl, Plot & Poison, and Dezzavold.

Winner, Jonathan Nash of Wausau: the Freeport-loaded Satchel with Freeport: City of Adventure, Denizens of Freeport, and Creatures of Freeport.

Winner, Bob Pfeiffer of Phoenix: the Mutants & Masterminds-loaded Satchel with the M&M core rules reprint, M&M GM Screen, Time of Crisis, and 2 M&M Character Record Folios.

Winner, Michael Templeton of Columbus: the d20 Modern-loaded Satchel with the Modern Player’s Companion, Modern Magic, Martial Arts Mayhem, and the Modern GM screen.

Congratulations to the winners!