Nocturnals To Release in April!

Dan Brereton’s Nocturnals: A Midnight Companion is printed and will be shipping to distributors in mid-April.

“Nocturnals Bible” A Must For Comic and Game Fans Alike

April 2, 2004�SEATTLE, WA: Nocturnals: A Midnight Companion, the essential guide to the world and characters of Dan Brereton�s monster-noir masterpiece, is printed and will be shipping to distributors in mid-April from Green Ronin Publishing. Writer, illustrator and creator Dan Brereton has unleashed the “contents of the Nocturnals vault” that resides within his mind into a lavishly illustrated 160-page hardback featuring art by such top-name comics and animation illustrators as Phil Noto (Danger Girl, Beautiful Killer), Ted Naifeh (The Gunwitch: Outskirts of Doom, Courtney Crumrin), Kieron Dwyer (Avengers, Last of the Independents), Ronnie Del Carmen (Paper Biscuit, Finding Nemo, Monster’s Inc), David Hartman (MTV�S Spiderman) and of course Dan Brereton himself. Nocturnals: A Midnight Companion also includes �Spectres�, a brand new, fully painted 18-page story by Brereton that marks the coming of four incredible new villains, new mysteries, and an emerging storyline that Dan intends to build on in the future.
“The next chapter in the Nocturnals saga begins here,” says Brereton. “It’s the ultimate Nocturnals publication. The book has become the ‘bible’ for both producers and writing talent involved with the Nocturnals film project. The minute they saw the book, they wanted it in their hands.”
“This book is a real treat,” adds Green Ronin President Chris Pramas. “Fans of our Mutants & Masterminds RPG are getting a whole new world for their adventures, and fans of the Nocturnals are getting a treasure trove of new material and amazing art.”
Nocturnals: A Midnight Companion should ship to distributors on April 16. A PDF preview is available for download at the following URL:
Product Information:
Nocturnals: A Midnight Companion
Written by Dan Brereton, Chris Pramas, and T.S. Luikart
Cover by Alex Ross and Dan Brereton
160 page, full color hardback
MSRP: $29.95
ISBN: 1-932442-02-2
Doc Horror’s family is looking for new blood in the nighttime war against Evil. Enter the shadows of Dan Brereton’s acclaimed monster-noir masterpiece with this essential Nocturnals sourcebook. A Midnight Companion gives you the full story on all your favorite Nocturnals characters. Explore the backgrounds of heroes like Halloween Girl and the Gunwitch, secret societies like the Nation of the Bloodless and the Hideous League, spooky ne’er-do-wells Keera the Bat Queen and her wicked goblin servants, as well as the dreaded, other-dimensional demons known as the Crim. Delve into the haunted legacy of the secreted coastal town of Pacific City, its cursed surroundings, and the subterranean ruined city of the soul-stealing Skerrll. You’ll also be introduced to “The Murder,” a new group of spectral villains in a never-before-seen 18-page comic story. Want more? How about all the rules you need to run a Nocturnals campaign with the Mutants & Masterminds RPG? Play the Nocturnals themselves or create your own hybrid pulp tough-guys or spectral creatures of the night. Co-written by an award-winning team-up of Dan Brereton and game designer Chris Pramas, A Midnight Companion is perfect for game and comic fans alike.
Company/Creator Information:
Green Ronin Publishing is a game company from Seattle, WA. Over the past four years Green Ronin has established a reputation for quality and innovation that is second to none, publishing such critical favorites as Death in Freeport, Book of the Righteous, and the Mutants & Masterminds RPG, and winning multiple Origins, ENnie, Pen & Paper, and Inquest Fan Awards. Point your browser to for more info.
Green Ronin Media Contact:
Nicole Lindroos
“Spooky,” “hard-boiled,” and “lurid” are among the words used to describe the unmistakable style of Dan Brereton. Since 1988, his career has spanned works for all the major comics publishers. Oni Press is currently home to the Nocturnals, his most acclaimed creations to-date, which have produced graphic novels in four collected trade paperbacks. His explosively colorful art style has garnered him the Russ Manning award as well as numerous industry award nominations. Many gamers will recognize his artistic contributions to games produced by Green Ronin, Wizards of the Coast, and White Wolf.