Guardians / Mutants & Masterminds Contest!

The Guardians is the popular superhero webcomic inspired by the Mutants & Masterminds RPG…
…and now, we want you, the fans of M&M and The Guardians to design a character for the webcomic!
The details:
Design a hero or villain at any power level (one entry per email, please), following the guidelines found in the core rulebook. It’s that simple.
The staff at Green Ronin have generously donated prizes to us. What are they? Glad you asked!
First Prize: The winning hero or villain will appear in the Guardians comic, and will receive the following products: M&M Core Rulebook signed by Steve Kenson, Freedom City campaign book, GM Screen, Crooks!, and the adventure Time of Crisis.
Second Prize: GM Screen and a M&M T-shirt
Third Prize: M&M T-shirt
All entries must be sent via email before midnight, November 1st. The winners will be announced on the Guardians’
forums November 15th. All winning entries become the property of the Guardians (with proper credit given to the creators, naturally).