A peek under the hood of M&M

October 27, 2006

New and Upcoming Products

Welcome back to another installment of Super-Vision. This week, we start by taking a look at the upcoming M&M adventure Time of Vengeance, written by able M&M scribe Christopher McGlothlin:

Time of Vengeance
Time of Vengeance (or ToV, as it�s called in development and production e-mails) is the first stand-alone M&M adventure since the first edition�s Time of Crisis (also by Mr. McGlothlin). We felt it was time for another big adventure for the game, and ToV delivers in spades!

The adventure had to meet certain criteria: we wanted it set in Freedom City, and to use the setting to its full advantage, but without allowing NPCs to overshadow the actions of the player character heroes. Chris wanted to introduce new villains, but we wanted those characters to have a clear-cut theme and connection to the adventure, allowing GMs to keep them (or not) once the whole thing was over. Finally, Chris also wanted to offer a connection to the recent Golden Age sourcebook and so the seeds of Vengeance were planted in the overlooked history of Freedom City�s Golden Age.

We don�t want to spoil things by telling you exactly who the bad-guys of Time of Vengeance are; sufficient to say that you get ten all-new villains�including the powerful Death Angel, pictured on the book�s cover�and one familiar foe from the pages of Freedom City. You also get a new hero in Freedom along with a supporting cast that includes the world-famous Atom Family, retired superheroes and villains, the mayor of Freedom City, a slum-lord, and a Voodoo priestess... and that�s just for starters!

Time of Vengeance is off at print and should be available soon as a PDF download from the Green Ronin Online Store and online retailers.

M&M Pocket Player�s Guide
The Mutants & Masterminds Pocket Player�s Guide is now in stores and available from the Green Ronin Online Store. This is a product that�s been a long while in coming, and something of an experiment in a game line that�s known for its experimentation.

Readers already familiar with the Mutants & Masterminds RPG line know it has excellent production values: full-color pages with some of the best in RPG industry artwork and design. The core books of the M&M line are also sturdy hard covers with award-winning cover design. Of course, all of those things cost, and we wanted to make M&M available to as wide an audience as possible. While there�s our low-cost electronic (PDF) format version of the rulebook, that can be a bit hard to carry around and reference unless you happen to have a computer handy at all times. Plus we figure players of the game don�t need all the material in the rulebook, just the information on how to create their heroes and play the game.

The Pocket Player�s Guide is our solution: a compact, black & white version of the player information from the M&M core rulebook in an easy-to-use, easy-to-carry, and lower-cost format: everything you need to play the World�s Greatest Superhero Roleplaying Game!

The Pocket Player�s Guide has the exact same information you�ll find in the M&M rulebook, from the Introduction through Chapter 8 (Combat). The later material, concerned with Gamemastering and world building, is not in the book, but it has everything you need to learn how to play the game and create characters, making it a very handy, portable reference for players.