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The Vigilance Press Podcast guys are at it again! They asked freelancer Leon Chang and Line Developer Jon Leitheusser to come and talk about what's happening in the world of M&M and DC Adventures. 

The interview covers a lot of ground, from recent releases like the GM's Kit to where things are at with DC Adventures: Heroes & Villains Volume I (it's in proofing!) to future releases in the games!

DC Adventures: Heroes & Villains Status Update

Good progress is being made on DC Adventures: Heroes & Villains Volume I

The book is layed out and in the hands of proofreaders both internally and externally! We're still looking for fewer than 20 pieces of art to replace pieces that weren't available for whatever reasons. When the proofing is done, we'll send the book to DC for approval. Once we receive final approval, we'll release the PDF and send the book to print!

"Final approval" will take an unspecified amount of time. This is a 320-page book and even though DC has seen the contents as a text document, there are still plenty of things for them to look over before they give their approval.

Hopefully the whole process will be short and sweet. No matter what, as soon as we get approval, the PDF will be up for sale!

More updates when they're available!


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