DC Adventures Developer Update

It's been a while since our last update about where things stand on the various DC Adventures releases, but things are progressing well. Here's where things stand:

DC Adventures: Heroes & Villains, Volume I: This is still in production and looking good. The PDF will be out sometime after we ring in the new year. You'll start seeing some previews for this again soon!

DC Adventures Hero's Handbook Errata: This is done, but I'm making sure everything we find in the M&M Hero's Handbook (which is almost out of production) is likewise addressed in the DC errata if it needs to be. When we've finalized the M&M book, I'll post this errata. That should be very soon. My guess (and it's only a guess) is you'll see this on Monday sometime.

So, you have some good stuff to look forward to in the next few weeks -- and even more in the months ahead because the second volume of Heroes & Villains is in the works and the DC Adventures: Universe is being written as I write this!


┬┐No Dates?, Come on, we buy a game and will buy a suplement, but we want to know when is Heroes & Villains, Volume I in stores, because play a campaing only with dc adventures is not the same than with a characters dossier.

Will there be a reprint of DC Adventures containing the errata?

M&M 3E handbook out. Need errata, please.

Any word yet on when the DC errata will be available? Will this be incorporated into the PDF, or will it be a standalone file?

Perhaps it's just me, but this looks like a mistake:

"Agility" (the ability formerly known as Dexterity) modifies certain skills and ranged defense(???).

"Dexterity" (the new ranged-combat ability) modifies ranged attack checks but NOT ranged defense (???) but DOES modify certain "coordination-related" (for lack of a better term) skills (???).

Shouldn't the new ranged-combat ability "Dexterity" mirror the new close-combat ability "Fighting?"

Fighting affects close-combat attack checks and close-combat defense (parry) but no skills.

Shouldn't Dexterity similarly affect ranged-combat attack checks AND ranged-combat defense (dodge) but no skills?

In this case, Agility should drop the ranged-defense and pick up the Dexterity-modifying "coordination-related" skills.

I have founding nothing in the DC Adventures book about knockback. At all. Even slam attacks don't seem to force any movement.

Knockback is an integral part of the superhero experience. In every comic where there is combat, there is knockback. This needs to be addressed.

Knockback is an option when you crit. It's obviously not very appropriate for some damage types but more so for others so it can be the +0 effect from a crit result (something like +0 move object or such). It could also be a complication from an attack against a PC as determined by the GM (resulting in a gain of a Hero Point when / if the GM decides to invoke it). There's some discussion on it as well as other items on the boards: http://www.atomicthinktank.com/

This isn't coming out, is it? None of it?

I'm sure it's all coming out, but Green Ronin isn't a huge company and at the moment they are focused on the generic M&M Third Edition material.

When that is out of the way they will be able to focus on the DC Adventures update and H&V I again.

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