Where Things Stand on DC Adventures and Heroes & Villains Vol. I

It's been a while since I've had news to report on DC Adventures and Heroes & Villains Volume I, and I wanted to keep you in the loop now that I have something.

First off, thank you for your patience. We've run into a few behind-the-scenes bumps and those have delayed both the release of DC Adventures errata and news about Heroes & Villains.

As for DC Adventures errata; it's compiled and Steve and I are going over it to make sure it includes everything it ought to. Unsurprisingly, we'd like it to be as accurate as possible. I hope to have it up in the next two weeks. Sooner if I can manage it. Big kudos to Glenn Hall for all his hard work on organizing the errata. He's the MVP on this particular project.

Then, Heroes & Villains Volume I; first I wanted to officially thank everyone who contributed to the art request thread! Your contributions were fantastic and are appreciated greatly! Secondly, our editors at DC have been very thorough on their read-through of the manuscript, which took time -- and considering it was over 500 pages, that's not too shocking. In addition, you may have seen DC recently when through some reorganization. That was handled very well, but slowed us down a bit. 

However! Things are moving along quite well now and the book is headed into production very soon. You should start seeing some previews and news about the book soon!

I'll post news as soon as I have it.


So, no news or updates 21 days later, in December?


Errata is progressing well and I should be able to post it soon. As in, quite soon. Thanks for asking!

Thanks for the quick reply.

I'm confused, though, what exactly is included in this errata? Items, weapons, etc? Or is it similar to the .PDF previews we've been seeing?

The errata for DC Adventures will include notes on all the fixes for typos, updates to the text to make things clearer, as well as some new bits. We're assembling the errata for inclusion in the new M&M Hero's Handbook, so we're going to use that same errata to update the DC Adventures book and PDF.

So,Heroes & Villains Volume I ¿when?; ¿What about vol II? ¿is any plan for adventures? ¿is any date planning in this?

Is it "quite soon", yet?

Any news on Heroes and Villains Volume 1 yet? Or at least the errata for the DCA Book?

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